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Strain Selections

Our strains are all A+ rated heirloom varietals. At present we have 37 strains in continuous production; however, we are also happy to take patient requests.

Below in the left column is a list of all of the strains we currently have available, seperated by category. Click on the name of a strain to reveal images and more information about that strain's medical properties.

CBD Dominant

Sativa Dominant

Indica Dominant

Other Cannabinoid Options by Milligram

  • Trichs Hard Candy-Cinnamon, Lemon, Orange-150mg and 250mg packets of six
  • Triple Strength Dark Chocolate Bar 180mg
  • Triple Strength Milk Chocolate Bar 180mg
  • Triple Strength White Chocolate Bar 180mg
  • Triple Strength Raspberry Cream Chocolate Bar 180mg
  • Triple Strength Peppermint Bark White Chocolate Bar 180mg
  • Double Strength Dark Chocolate Bar 120mg
  • Double Strength Milk Chocolate Bar 120mg
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie 150mg
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 250mg
  • Peanut Butter Cookie 250mg
  • ChocoPop -Peppermint Bark, Hazelnut, Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White
  • Chocolate-50mg
  • Bud Honey for eCig-600mg
  • Bud Nectar (oral tincture) 300mg
  • Brownies 50mg
  • Rice Krispies Treats 50mg
  • Chocolate Chews 180mg
  • Hash Oil (Rick Simpson Oil)

Hallo Afghan Kush

This old world Kush variety hails from the mountain region where Pakistan borders Afghanistan. What sets it apart from other strains is the fact that this variety of medical cannabis has been serving patients for centuries.

Relief Characteristics

Afghan Kush is a pure Indica relaxer and may be best for night time heavy duty anti-anxiety and nausea relief. We recommend that this product be used sparingly until a daytime dosage can be determined.

Alaska Thunder F**k

This Sativa-dominant can also be known as "Thunder" or “Manatuska Thunder F**k” because it originates from the Manatuska Valley in Alaska. The genetics of this variety are 62.5% Indica/37.5% Sativa with the following complicated parentage: [(Northern California Sativa x Russian Ruderalis) x Northern California Sativa] x Afghan. The smell is skunky, musky and with notes of red grape; the taste is smooth, complex and dark. Our research indicates that there is some potential for CBD in this strain.

Relief Characteristics

Patients may not be entirely clear-headed while medicating with this variety; in exchange, ATF offers heavy body relief, beneficial sleep, chronic pain relief and help with eating. The Alaskan Landrace has become a quick patient favorite.

A Toda Madre

Something is "a toda madre" when it is awesome or done with gusto. It’s a Chicano/a phrase like pedal to the medal or with heart and soul. The phrase is so common that it’s possible to see it abbreviated in graffiti as ATM. Ultimately the ATM phrase goes even deeper and means that everything is perfect when it is like a mothers’ love. Enter our latest and greatest strain: A Toda Madre. ATM was specifically designed to be higher in CBD and CBN, and lower in THC. It is has a balancing and calming effect and is the most successful in treating pain and inflammation. This strain was bred to produce medical benefit without psychoactive effect. Most cannabis farmers are trying to produce THC – not CBD – although CBD has been shown in international research to aid chronically ill patients in marvelous new ways.

Relief Characteristics

ATM is 7.9% CBD and 4.98% THC and is not a euphoriant. It yields a great pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect, without the psychoactive effect. ATM will not intoxicate you, but it will provide profound pain relief and perhaps curative effect. CG CORRIGAN is anxious to explore the palliative possibilities of this strain with MS patients, cancer patients, and HIV/AIDS patients in an effort to truly push medical cannabis in a therapeutic direction with the miracle cannabinoid. Boiling point of CBD in a vaporizer is 320-356F.


Plan for a relaxed day. Blueberry can be a very heavy sedative. MS patients should be forewarned of “wobbliness” while seeking relief from this strain.

Relief Characteristics

Major pain reliever and sleep inducer. Recently won the Colorado Medical Cup. Good for glaucoma.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and (Purple) Haze. It offers the body high of an Indica (20%) with the cerebral effects of a Sativa (80%). Blue Dream’s effects tend to be long-lasting. The buds have a fruity taste with some savory notes on exhalation. This particular strain is difficult to produce outdoors because it is unusually susceptible to insect attack.

Relief Characteristics

Nice functional effect that lets you go about your day. Blue Dream is particularly useful for pain management patients.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is the fruitiest and sweetest indica. The genetics of Bubba Kush are derived from famous Bubble gum and the legendary OG Kush, which explains the sweetness of this knockout. Skunky, Earthy, Sagey, yet almost tasteless due to its ultra-clean flavor.

Relief Characteristics

Probably not the strongest kush available, but perhaps the most day-time appropriate.

Casey Jones

Casey Jones is a Sativa dominant, ultra-resinous strain. It is the only variety with which we have successfully produced “paperless joints.” Notable for oversized crystal-covered buds, Casey Jones is said to be the most potent Sativa effect available. This strain is recommended for Sour Diesel lovers and Super Skunk Fans, but those who have never worked with a Sativa are strongly cautioned against this medication. The genetics of CJ are Sativa 80%/Indica 20% Trainwreck x Thai x East Coast Sour Diesel.

Casey Jones will have a relatively short flowering time for a Sativa and will harvest in about eight weeks. Like Madriod, Casey Jones can have a slight variation in plant structure sometimes known as growing “diesel plumes.” Even novice growers will do well with Casey Jones; it is known to be uplifting and is suitable for newbies and cannabis connoisseur alike.

Relief Characteristics

This strain is a great appetite stimulant. It works very quickly at relieving nausea and almost replaces it with hunger straight away. A good morning medicine for those with fast metabolisms or eating difficulties. Anyone suffering with bowel diseases will find good use for and relief from this strain. Some find CJ to be motivational, suitable for people with depression and PTSD. Those suffering from fatigue, Lupus or MS may use this strain to help them get up and be a bit more active (possibly a good option is to add an Indica to be used for pain relief).

Cinderella 99

These small dense buds mark the collision of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk. Although Cinderella 99 is predominately Sativa, its bud structure is very tight and dense. The aroma is fruity and sweet.

Relief Characteristics

The effect of Cinderella 99 is head-focused and charismatic. She has a sweet pineapple taste and smell that many patients love.

Double Dream

If you’ve tried Blueberry and Blue Dream, Double Dream is the next installment. Though all are genetically Blueberry-based, DD is the only Sativa dominant hybrid. This is the result of the Dream Star contribution in the Dream Star x Blue Dream cross.

Relief Characteristics

Like Trainwreck, Double Dream is a Sativa for Indica-lovers. Most often patients experience the Blue Dream characteristics of the strain (i.e. the Indica/body/pain relief), but some will also experience the productive Sativa side in conjunction with the strong sweet, tangy Blueberry taste.

God’s Gift

God’s Gift is the cross of Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush. Independently, each strain is a force of nature, however, in tandem the cross is a force of the gods. The bouquet of GG is grape, citrus, hash, fruit and earth. Known to benefit insomnia patients, MS, chemotherapy, chronic pain, anorexia, cancer and vomiting.

Relief Characteristics

What makes God’s Gift distinct from many other Indica predominant strains (GG is 90% Indica / 10% Sativa) is that it provides relief for chronic pain and other serious ailments, but it can also create joy, a sense of well being, and even fits of laughter. No matter your religion, there is no mistaking that this strain is definitely a gift from someone. It will provide much needed pain relief without immobilizing.

Good Sense of Humor

This is the grand slam of Sativa-hybrids, if we do say so ourselves. The Good Sense of Humor strain was bred for just that property by CG Corrigan in 2012. Throughout our first year we continued to see patients who “just wanted to feel better.” Often these patients were challenged to meet next level needs because pain occupied so much of their immediate mind. This Sativa-dominant cross will help you right your course and return to neutral ground. Begin living with a Good Sense of Humor.

Relief Characteristics

Sweet and best during the daytime, GSH will not attack your pain like an opioid but it will get you back to a more secure mental place. Best for chronic illness-associated depression.

Grand Daddy Purple

This pure Indica strain is known worldwide for its many phenotypes that include Grape Ape, Grand Daddy Grape Ape and Purple Erkel, just to name a few. Medicinally, the variety has given relief to cancer/chemotherapy patients and is a standout amongst HOG and Afghan Kush lovers. GDP has taken numerous prizes in international Cannabis Cup competitions.

Relief Characteristics

Strong body waves, a nearly overwhelming spacey/slow-witted head effect, and some uptick in mood, GDP will provide an almost narcotic Indica punch that lasts for several hours. Highly recommended for patients struggling with major pain, anxiety, or sleep issues. All others should mind the dosage or GDP might put you to sleep.


Of the Indica variety, G-13 is somewhat of a legend. It is widely believed and accepted that the famous G-13 strain originated from the United States government’s cannabis research institute in Oxford, Mississippi (now the Marijuana Project overseen by Dr. Mahmoud A. ElSohly) in the 1970s. The story goes that there were two dozen or so pure Indica Afghani strains of marijuana - labeled G-1 all the way to G-23 – and the G-13 strain that was obtained, cloned and distributed is said to have been the highest quality of the other Afghanis.

Relief Characteristics

Medicinally, users describe G-13 as one of the strongest, mind-altering and elevating strains. Bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use, beginners should use this strain cautiously with small doses. Its effects are immediate, very strong and often euphoric. Recommended for both PTSD and chronic pain.


Ask and you shall receive! Headband is OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel. This 70% Indica/30% Sativa is a favorite many of our patients, who have been requesting it since the inception of online strain requests.

Relief Characteristics

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain benefits a wide variety of conditions. Headband offers a strong but not overpowering body high, with noticeable cerebral stimulation coming on slowly but surely.


The latest and greatest Indica on the scene is HOG or THE HOG, which became notorious when it took first place in the Indica category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002. HOG is known for her knock out punch.

Relief Characteristics

A pure Indica pain reliever similar to Afghan Kush. HOG leaves the body feeling heavy, making it a perfect evening strain. HOG is also thought to be useful for neuropathy.

Jelly Bean

Most strains we offer were originally cultivated by male growers, but Jelly Bean – or Jilly Bean as it is sometimes known – is the work of a woman, MzJill (of TGA). Jelly Bean is widely regarded as one of the top strains in the cannabis world today and has given pause to almost every man in the industry. JB is the combination of a notorious Orange Velvet Skunk x Space Queen male x Cinderella 99 (40% Indica/60% Sativa).

Relief Characteristics

Renowned for its flavor and trance-like effects, this strain provides an uplifting Sativa, while still managing to give the patient a mellow, Indica-relief experience. JB is ideal for use any time of day, but it is generally preferred as a daytime varietal. In this case, the exhilarating pleasure of JB is linked to its relief. JB smells like a fruit basket, carrying smells of mango, pineapples, tangerines and oranges. The odor is strong, but does not smell like typical cannabis. Its citrus/candy flavor makes this JB ideal for patient bakers. Best for PTSD and pain relief.

Jack Herer

Known by many as the Champagne of Strains, Jack Herer is named for the late hemp proponent and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. A former Goldwater Republican, Herer became a pro-cannabis and hemp activist, believing that the hemp plant should be decriminalized and used as a renewable source of fuel, food, and medicine. This namesake strain produces peppery buds, which garnered it much critical acclaim in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 1995. Since Sensi’s success with the strain, they have chosen to protect the genetics – not unlike Coca-Cola might. Jack Herer® is speculated to be 50% haze, 37.5% Northern Lights #5 and 12.5% Skunk #1.

Relief Characteristics

Jack Herer produces a productive, anti-depressive Sativa (90%) dominant effect as well as a strong cerebral, up feeling and some body sensation. Works well as an appetite stimulant and for nausea.


An upbeat hybrid of Cinderella 99 and NYC Diesel, Julieta is equal parts mood elevator and pain reliever. The flavor can be described as fruity, spicy and citrusy.

Relief Characteristics

Works well for a number of medical applications including as an anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory (for inflammatory autoimmune-mediated arthritis), for depression, epilepsy, glaucoma, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and Multiple Sclerosis.


Kaboom is an onomatopoeia representing the sound of an explosion. While often straggly or wild in appearance, the Kaboom bud explodes with potency. This strain is Jacks Cleaner x Vortex (80% Sativa/20% Indica).

Relief Characteristics

Kaboom can be intense and fast paced, almost paranoid, but it often encourages patients to take care of the business of daily living. Not simply a Sativa, KBM also has enough Indica in it to make it very effective relieving body pain. We’ve relentlessly searched for strong Indicas and this one has really surprised us. While dominant in Sativa genetics, many patients describe benefit from this strain as they would HOG or Afghan Kush.


Hailing from the small, rustic town of Madrid, NM, Madroid is somewhat of a local legend. Known for its relaxing qualities, this Sativa-dominant cross is the perfect medicine to take the edge off.

Relief Characteristics

Relaxing yet incredibly clear-headed, Madroid is both an effective day-time and night-time use medicine. An excellent choice for patients with PTSD and anxiety.


Mango is an Afghani/KC33 cross. It is a pure Indica pain reliever. Mango won 3rd place in the Indica category of the Cannabis Cup in 2002 and is a favorite amongst growers.

Relief Characteristics

Heavy, yet surprisingly uplifting and talkative for an Indica, Mango is an incredibly effective pain-reliever that numbs while still leaving you clear-headed. It is especially renowned for its uplifting, agreeable and euphoric properties. Great as a day-time and night-time medicine, Mango is a good choice for both corporeal and cerebral pain relief.

Medi Meta Bud

Meta Bud is a relatively new strain bred with medical use in mind. It has been sold in Dutch pharmacies as the major medicinal strain for a few years now and is known to aid with depression-related illnesses and thought to help with the symptoms of muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease. 50-50 Sativa/Indica blend.

Relief Characteristics

Indica-style pain reliever with mood improvement.

Northern Lights

This strain was developed in Seattle but perfected in Holland. Possibly the most famous Indica strain, Northern Lights has won Cannabis Cups for many years running. Northern Lights has also received attention from the scientific community. Due to its potent properties, Northern Lights (and its genetic decedents) is often the subject of experiments testing the viability of medical cannabis.

Relief Characteristics

Northern Lights is a heavy sedative. This pure Indica is good for chronic pain, nausea and as a sleep aid; a classic cannabis pain reliever.


Indica aficionados can appreciate Odyssey because it’s 50% Indica. Sativa aficionados appreciate it because it’s 50% Sativa (the parents of this strain are Afghani x Catpiss). For this very reason, Odyssey is often described as the ‘duct tape’ of strains.

Relief Characteristics

Patients suffering from PTSD will feel upbeat and positive in social situations. Very ill patients will feel relieved and energized. Flavors of sweet candy, syrup and fruit make the taste of Odyssey similar to strawberry pancakes.

Pineapple Kush

An overall sweet candy-scented strain with notes of lemonade and freshly cut pineapple, Pineapple Kush’s initial feeling is uplifting, the ultimate effect one of gentle relaxation. The parent plants are Pineapple x Hindu Kush.

Relief Characteristics

Good for nausea and chronic pain as well as, specifically, Lou Gehrig’s Disease patients. A strong pain reliever with some energetic possibility.

Purple Kush

Extremely purple buds providing deep and heavy body effects. Soothing & relaxing, these traits make it popular for those who require pain relief without a lethargic or sleepy feeling. Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani (100% Indica).

Relief Characteristics

Think of this varietal as Afghan Kush, but prettier. Purple Kush is slated to be the next big Indica due to its formidable relief and strong pine-grape taste.

Red Diesel

Of course, Sour Diesel is the most popular of the diesel strains. The newest diesel available is Red Diesel, often described as both sweet and sour with a grapefruit taste. Genetics are California Indica x NYC Diesel.

Relief Characteristics

This is a strangely Indica diesel in terms of both bud density and size as well as effect. Recommended for patients who are interested in dipping a toe into the potent world of Sativas, but do not wish to lose entirely the Indica pain relief.

Skunk #1

Best known as the ‘strain of the 90s’, Skunk #1 has been a work of Dutch passion since 1978. Skunk #1 was the first true stabilized hybrid (first sinsemilla variety) to enter the Dutch cannabis greenhouses. Given its history, Skunk serves as a standard against which others can be measured. Much as Skunk #1 is known for its pronounced aromatic qualities, Skunk is also synonymous with strong product. To give it these qualities, Skunk has been carefully crossed to produce a 75% Sativa variety composed of 25% Acapulco Gold Sativa and 50% Colombian Gold Sativa. The remaining 25% of the cross is an Afghani Indica.

Relief Characteristics

An incredibly relaxed, mellow effect with both cerebral as well as body stimulation. Recommended for its balanced effect, but also in particular as an appetite stimulant. Skunk #1® is extremely aromatic.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is for the devoted enthusiast. There are folks out there who LOVE Skunk #1 and only desire its effects. Super Skunk, a tribute strain, was created by crossing Skunk 18.5 x Afghani T. The result is compact flowers with a skunk aroma.

Relief Characteristics

Best as an appetite stimulant or anti-nausea medication, the effect will be elevating in nature. Note: SS can lead to lethargy if consumed in quantity.

Sour Diesel

Many believe Sour Diesel to be the ultimate Sativa-dominant strain. The key to its acclaim is that its 90% Sativa parentage has been cut with a crucial 10% Indica, thus, making SD a particularly motivational and productive strain without the paranoia sometimes present in a pure Sativa. In 2006, SD was awarded the Cannabis Cup.

Relief Characteristics

Increases energy and appetite while simultaneously elevating mood. SD works well for anti-nausea patients. Although SD has a very clear-headed effect, it is not recommended for use before bedtime as it so enlivens the mind that one may inadvertently stay up all night.

Super Lemon Haze

This strain is 100% Sativa and won the Cannabis Cup three years consecutively (1997 - 1999). A definitive powerhouse strain with a long-lasting effect, Super Lemon Haze is a mixture of fresh alpine and a fruity aroma.

Relief Characteristics

Best for medicating in the daytime, SH yields an uplifting feeling without much drowsiness. It is clear-headed and known for awakening the senses. Has been shown to benefit glaucoma patients and patients with muscle spasms.

To Be Determined

TBD is Blue Dream x Dream Star. The effect is that of a super speedy Sativa.

Relief Characteristics

Recommended for PTSD patients (who can tolerate Sativas) and those who benefit from the swiftness of Sativas. If you just want to try a Sativa, Skunk #1®, SS or JB would be preferable. This strain sometimes causes the flushing blood flow most commonly associated with Sour Diesel or Super Silver Haze.


Taoscito is a Landrace strain from New Mexico-derived Northern Lights genetics. While few have ever heard of this varietal, it ranks among our horticulturalist’s most favorite (he is also a patient). The aroma is distinct and complex with both savory and sweet notes. Worth a try – no one has been disappointed.

Relief Characteristics

Taoscito seems to be particularly well-suited for patients who prefer rolled medication (i.e. joints) to vaporization or other techniques. Medically, the effect will resemble an Indica but it will likely be the most blissful Indica available. Similar to Jelly Bean in effect, yet with increased Indica properties.

Train Wreck

Train Wreck is another one of those strains deeply steeped in mythology. The strain gets its name because it was grown for the first time in Arcata, CA (about an hour outside of Humboldt) on a hillside where a train wreck happened one summer in the 1970s. The strain is made up of a lowland Thai/Mexican Sativa and a solid Afghani which produces a 90% Sativa/10% Indica cross.

Relief Characteristics

Patients like this strain because it can be very up-beat as it relieves pain. One warning to first time Train Wreck consumers is that the strain is known for its “creep” — the product is slow to take effect, but when it does take effect the patient may feel over-medicated. Exercise caution in determining a proper initial dosage. Train Wreck is effective for inflammatory autoimmune-mediated arthritis, nausea, neuropathy, MS and gastrointestinal disorders (like Crohn’s disease).

White Rhino

White Rhino is the child of White Widow and a Canadian Indica strain making it 90% Indica in composition and 10% Sativa. White Rhino is similar to White Widow in many regards except that it does contain 1.6% CBD.

Relief Characteristics

The effects are felt almost exclusively in the body and have a nearly narcotic effect. Some have noted that the sensation can be a bit too intense. Thus, patients are advised to use caution in determining the proper dosage of White Rhino for their condition. Recommended for chronic pain and as an anti-emetic.

White Widow

One of the most famous strains in the world, White Widow came on the scene and won the 1995 Cannabis Cup and has been around ever since. Renowned for its potency, some refer to White Widow as the morphine substitute. While the strain is 40% Indica and 60% Sativa, the effect is more in accordance with an Indica-dominant strain. Like White Rhino, some patients may find this strain to be a bit too strong.

Relief Characteristics

Very heavy sedative recommended for evening and bedtime use. If used during the day, a nap will become a necessity. Best for MS, cachexia, Hepatitis C, epilepsy and some PTSD patients.


This is a hybrid cross between Jack Herer® and G-13. XJ-13 is a sweet, woodsy, earthy Sativa dominant hybrid. Ideal for the patient looking for the combined effects of a hybrid with stronger medicinal value.

Relief Characteristics

This is a great medication best used during the daytime. Due to its uplifting and energetic properties, XJ-13 will benefit patients psychologically while still providing Indica pain relief.